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Residential & Commercial Home Security Systems

When it comes to protecting our families and loved ones, it is something we cannot take any chances with. In today’s world, most people spend the better part of their days working and this puts our homes at greater risk of theft or intruders. Thanks to home security systems, which have revolutionized how we secure our homes, we can regain peace of mind.

Having a security system for your home gives you a wide range of benefits including protecting your family and possessions as well as assuring you of your safety.

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Why Home Security Pros?

Protect Your Family

Gain peace of mind by knowing that you and your loved ones are safe and protected.

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We value your time and offer appointments that will comfortably fit into your schedule.

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We listen. Our friendly and trained customer service experts will strive to provide you with the best solution.

Easy To Use

Everybody who can use a smartphone can operate our home security systems. It's that easy.

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When an emergency occurs, there is no time for delay. Our experienced specialists are ready to take your calls 24/7.

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We are confident to offer a 100 % satisfaction guarantee on any job done.

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How does it work?

All home security systems work using the same principle which is very basic and it entails securing all the entry points of your home, from the doors, windows to every nook and cranny of your living space. Security systems use a system that connects components of integrated electronic devices that communicate with a command center giving you the utmost security. Using various sensors, high decibel alarms, signs and stickers and surveillance cameras they work simultaneously and in case of any security breach, they sound an alarm that communicates to your monitoring company. To help you understand more about our home security systems you can call us on our toll-free number and our abled team will answer your smart home technology and automation questions to your satisfaction. With the best advice from our team, you will a customized security system with features that meet the needs of your home and receive an individual pricing offer with flexible payment options. Our home security experts will take care of the professional installation of your new system in a way that works for you.

Security Cameras

With more than 20 years of experience in this industry means that we have tackled some of the most difficult jobs and our results speak for themselves. To help boost your home security we use front door, indoor and outdoor cameras to surveil your home and their typical uses include monitoring of:

Our security cameras can be accessed from whichever location you are in, and when out of town you can watch for your deliveries or even record security breaches which could help law enforcers with their investigation. Having been in this industry for such a long time we know the power that security cameras have and we incorporate them with the latest technologies available for the best results.

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Security Panels

The security control panel is the heart of your home security system and it is where all the action takes place. Since we know how important the control panel is it is always on 24/7 service to give you unlimited security. 100% satisfaction guarantee is what our services and products will give you and our security services include:

Smart Home Automation

Not only will our smart home automation services and products make your life more secure but also easier. You can program doors to operate with this technology, receive alerts for temperature and energy usage, program lights and air conditioning as well as managing automatic doors. Smart home automation can be connected and operated with Google home and Amazon Alexa thus being accessible to everyone who has a smartphone.

Remote Control (of smart devices)

Remote control your security system and smart devices from wherever you are through your computer, tablet or phone. This gives you control over your security systems.

Voice Control Integration

Everyone has their unique voice and using the latest smart technologies our team has come up with a voice control integration system. It lets you use your voice as a key to lock doors, disable the alarm and perform any security task that you would otherwise perform manually. This is great because it is difficult for someone else to imitate or steal your voice.

Control via App

One of the strong features of our security system is how everything works. Our security, automation services and products such as cameras, lighting and locks are all connected to the control panel. Thus it enables you to control the entire security system from an app on your mobile phone. This offers great convenience and efficiency since your phone is the key to your home security and you can never go wrong with your phone.

What our clients say

Excellent service, fast installation and extremely good customer service. My questions were answered and I was extremely well advised and informed. I would recommend these guys to anyone.

Reed Patel

With only 1 quick phone call, the appointment could be scheduled for the same day, as well as the installation.

Elsie Thompson

I am highly satisfied, the system is very reliable and modern. The price and performance ratio is also great! Excellent and fast installation, plausible and understandable introduction to the system! It is the best feeling to feel safe in your home!

Ash Spencer

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